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What to Look for When Renting Apartments and Offices

If you have experienced problems in the past when renting an apartment or an office then you’ll be well aware that the process of sourcing a suitable residence or place of work is not to be taken lightly. Many people have experienced difficulties when renting apartments and offices, which is mostly due to the fact that they have little or no idea what they should be looking for.

For example, they may be aware that serviced office space in business centres, where they can access meeting venues throughout the UK and the world, is the best kind of office rental, but do they have any idea what they should be looking for in a serviced office, how much they should pay for rent in that area or what a competitive rental contract looks like? Chances are they don’t and similar considerations also apply when sourcing an apartment, so if you are looking to rent an apartment or office space for your business, or just you as a sole trader, then read on because this article is aimed at you.

The size

How much space do you require to live or work comfortably and what options are available to you? Whether you are searching for an apartment or an office you’ll find that you are confronted with a wealth of choice wherever in the world you are searching, but before you start looking you need to have a good idea of how much space – in square feet or metres – you require to comfortably live or work.

If you are not sure how much space you require, or what X amount of space looks like, access information online or use a measuring tape to gain a better idea. This will prove inherently beneficial when sourcing an office that provides you with access to training space or an apartment to rent because you will know exactly how much space you require.

The price

Knowing exactly how much space you require and what X amount of space looks like will also help you understand the costs involved. Whilst apartments are not rented out by the square foot or metre like they are when they’re up for sale, it’s quite often the case that office space is, so ensure that you know exactly what you are in need of beforehand.

Price is important for a number of reasons when you are renting an apartment in which to reside or an office from which to base your business because you have to leave yourself enough money to live comfortably and enable yourself to make a profit. Therefore it is advantageous to do your homework with plenty of time to spare so as to know which areas and districts to focus your attentions on and the average rental prices for apartments and offices in those areas and districts.

Whilst in some cases you might find that you’re able to negotiate for a better rental price, if you are to do so successfully you will need to allow yourself ample time to do so, plus you will also need to have a thorough understanding of average rental prices and you might need to offer the landlord or office space provider something in return, like signing a longer rental contract.

The location

The location of the apartments and offices you look at hiring to live in or work from will affect the rent you pay. Therefore, you might find that you need to look at other areas and districts if you are to successfully source an apartment or office within your price range that still provides you with access to the amenities and facilities that you require, like a swimming pool or meeting rooms with which to meet with clients in a dedicated and distraction free environment.

There are a number of considerations to take into account with regard to location, including the following considerations that you won’t want to overlook if you are to successfully source an apartment or office that meets your needs.

Access to public transportation – Enjoying convenient access to public transportation networks is a must when sourcing apartments and offices, and although enjoying convenient access to transportation links often increases rental rates, the costs are usually offset by shorter commuting times and greater business and networking opportunities.

Close to cafes, shops, etc – This is a consideration that affects those hunting for apartments or offices and you won’t want to find yourself isolated and unable to pop downstairs for a coffee or to do the shopping. Networking opportunities – This is an excellent reason for working from serviced office space in a business centre because business centres are well known for the networking opportunities they provide business professionals with. For example, if in Laos, is your apartment or office close to norfolk island restaurants for excellent food?

Nightlife, etc – When sourcing an apartment don’t overlook the benefits of having suitable nightlife options – bars, cinemas, clubs, etc – nearby. You can save a lot of money on taxis and enjoy your time at that location much more if you have nightlife that interests you nearby.

The amenities and facilities

What amenities and facilities do you require, and just as importantly, what amenities and facilities can you live and work comfortably without? As with location and transportation links, sometimes you might find that you need to pay a little extra to access the amenities and facilities that you require access to, like a swimming pool or a meeting room in which to meet with your clients, but if you need or really want certain amenities and facilities it often proves worthwhile paying that little bit extra.


This is an important consideration and one that applies to both apartments and offices and it’s so inherently important that it simply isn’t one that you can overlook. Your physical safety and the security of your possessions and work equipment are at risk, so ensure that the apartment and office blocks you look at hiring apartments and offices in provide 24 hour secure access and are staffed around the clock by security personnel. Business centres are an excellent example of an office block in which 24 hour secure access is available, which is great for businesses with employees that need to start early or finish late.

A final word before you get started searching

Take note of these important considerations when sourcing an apartment or office for rent and don’t forget to leave yourself ample time to check out a few before making a decision – one of the most common mistakes people make when sourcing apartments and offices for rent is failing to leave themselves adequate time.

The decisions that they are forced to make when they have failed to leave themselves adequate time to actively hunt a top notch apartment or office space where they can access meeting venues throughout the UK are known as ‘panic decisions’ and it suffices to say that you will want to avoid making panic decisions where possible.

Therefore, leave yourself ample time to source apartments and offices and if you would like to get started right this instant, you can follow the links found here to access a wealth of information about apartments in Bangkok,known locally as Krungthep or ‘City of Angels’, as well as serviced offices, virtual office space and related products.

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