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Where to stay in Bangkok and where to buy bike tires

If you've never visited Thailand before then you really don't know what you're missing. Take the plunge and visit Bangkok, Thailand's capital city sooner rather than later. Life here is very different to anywhere else in the world, with its friendly people, vibrant nightlife, many bars and restaurants along with fantastic accommodation; you will be in for a huge, pleasant surprise. Imagine staying in a beautiful apartment that overlooks the magnificent Chao Phraya River with fabulous views of what BangkokM has to offer. This can be yours by renting affordable accommodation online via a company that has many years of experience letting properties out to visitors and those who plan to stay six months or longer.

Likewise experienced bicycle companies advertise their products online often having a section devoted to items of the week such as:-

  • Road tyres
  • Cycle computers
  • Cycling jerseys
  • Pedals
  • Carbon handlebars

These items change on a regular basis however are offered with many discounts, so save yourself some cash and order a part or clothing you've been after.

What you get for your money

Renting an exquisite apartment in Bangkok won't cost you the earth. When you see what you get for your money whatever you pay will be well worth every penny. Take a look at what a one bedroom apartment offers:-

  1. A balcony
  2. Free internet
  3. Flat screen TVs
  4. A comfortable living room
  5. Fully fitted kitchen with bar and dining area
  6. Fabulously decorated bedrooms
  7. Sumptuous bathroom with rainfall shower

Along with the above you can also take the opportunity to enjoy onsite swimming pools, fitness centre, spa, a free shuttle boat service, the Sky Train and car parking. Nearby all apartments there are shopping malls that have well-known branded shops where you can shop till you drop, what could be better? There's nothing better than getting a bargain when shopping for cycle parts, click online to find a dedicated company that offers great products as well as having an efficient returns and exchange service. Read the delivery options section where you can find out about:-

  • Where they deliver to
  • Will customs duties have to be paid for
  • How quickly will items take to arrive
  • What happens if the item is damaged, arrives late or is the wrong one

Shop with confidence via a secure payment system and exceptional delivery companies no matter where you live in the UK or abroad. Suppliers are committed in providing a service that's second to none so all customers are pleased with the products they order along with the affordable prices.

Affordable Bangkok and bicycle clothing

When you stay in an apartment during your visit to Bangkok you will notice how affordable dining out is, buying clothes can be or taking a relaxing cruise on the river. Take advantage of these opportunities by renting accommodation to save money so you have more to spend when exploring this fascinating city. To get in touch with companies that rent out apartments in Bangkok all you have to do is complete an online form with your name, e-mail address and a short message. An adviser will get back to you in a short space of time to confirm dates, times of arrival and the type of accommodation you've requested.

The same can be said if you're looking for specialised biking clothing. If you need help of any kind just drop an e-mail to a supplier or give them a call where they can help you with more information on:-

  • Cycling bottles
  • Hydration packs
  • Panniers
  • Wheel or saddle bags
  • Bike locks
  • Lights and torches

Choosing the right kind of affordable cycling clothes to wear is very important as they have to be comfortable and be able to breathe. Buying bike apparel, sunglasses and eye wear from a company that sells everything from helmets to special shoes along with reflective high visibility jackets is important to stay safe on the busy roads.

Enjoy a luxurious vacation

Treat yourself and your family by having a luxurious vacation in Bangkok staying in an out-of-this-world rented apartment. Renting accommodation gives you more freedom than staying in a hotel so check out in more detail about fabulous furnishings and comfortable living you can expect via the internet. As soon as you enter the lobby of a modern apartment block you will experience your first taste of high society, welcomed by friendly and professional receptionists. Enjoy a coffee on arrival in a coffee bar then ask to be shown delightful Sky Gardens with their pool and comfortable seating overlooking the majestic city of Bangkok.

Bangkok is not really a city suitable for cyclists as there are so many cars, buses, tuk tuks and motorcycles vying for space on the busy roads. If you're a keen cyclist in the UK however, you can take to the roads in safety by buying bike lights, reflective mudguards and high visibility clothing especially if you're cycling at night. Online companies sell everything bike owners need along with useful books and DVDs on:-

  1. Road bike set up and maintenance
  2. Headset and gear set up
  3. How to tape your handlebars
  4. Road bike fitting

The above are very useful if you're a first time owner of a bike or have been cycling for many years to pick up tips, handy hints and advice. For more information on bikes, accessories, bike tires and components, or if you're planning to rent an apartment in Bangkok, browse the internet, it's definitely the best place to find out more.

Relax and have fun

Bangkok offers visitors of all ages the chance to relax and have some fun. This amazing city is full of surprises having many market stalls selling unusual food, clothes, souvenirs and Asian delights. Experience the go go bars, the transvestite shows as well as taking part in the hustle and bustle this very busy capital offers every day and every night.

After a busy day exploring temples, historical sites and the many shopping malls it's time to relax and chill out in your air-conditioned rented apartment. Enjoy the sunset view from your apartment's windows, the enormous skyscrapers and watch the many boats that sail on the river Chao Phraya taking tourists on a sightseeing tour at night.

Remember if you cycle at night in the UK to wear appropriate clothing so other road users can see you clearly. Buy all the cycling clothes, accessories, frames and tyres from reliable online road cycling experts who are only too happy to help you with any questions you may have about products you order and delivery times. The internet is the best place to start your search for information on bicycles and goods or rented accommodation in Bangkok, so take time out of your busy schedule and browse online to find out more. It all makes interesting reading and is sure to influence you to buy a bike if you haven't already got one, as well as enjoying the experience of having a holiday with a difference.

Relaxing and having fun is what life's all about, everyone can achieve this by keeping fit on a bike or taking a well-earned holiday in the capital of Thailand, Bangkok, where you'll experience life in a different way. Try both if you feel you're missing out to see what it's like enjoying time on the open road cycling and renting a beautiful apartment in Asia, do it now.

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