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Why Is Location a Deciding Factor in Your Choice of Accommodation?

People select certain travel accommodations for a lot of reasons. Some favour a particular rental property because of the view, similar to what the apartments at Stay South offer. Imagine waking up to the sight of breathtaking countryside and rolling mountains.

Others pick a hotel because of its proximity to places of interest. So, what does this tell you? Location matters.

In real estate, location can make or break a property investment, regardless if it's for long term or short. But because there are different factors that make a location desirable, it's important to distinguish one from the other. When it comes to holiday accommodation, location is all about...

  1. Having access to the amenities you need

What will make your trip stress-free? If you want to avoid a long commute to and from your hotel, your choice of lodging should be close to public transportation. If proximity to creature comforts is what you're after, you should book a room that's walking distance from a fancy restaurant, such as The Glass House, the main shopping centre, and other facilities.

  1. Providing a great view or water access

Ever tried to book a hotel with rooms categorised according to the view? In most cases, rooms facing the ocean, sea and other bodies of water are more expensive than those without a view or facing the street. Because most holidaymakers want to experience something they'll never enjoy back home, they'll be more than willing to pay anything for the view.

Well, booking a room overlooking the water won't be a problem if you stay at The River in Bangkok. Apart from a view over the Chao Phraya River, the apartments also provide a stunning vista of the Bangkok skyline. What more can you ask for? The River is best for long-term use as well.

  1. Free of anything that makes a bad location

What makes an accommodation a wrong choice? When there's just too much of everything going on at the same time. Imagine what your stay will be like when trying to sleep is next to impossible, what with cars honking non-stop and sirens sounding off every now and then? And, as much as it's very convenient to stay in a hotel close to the airport, the sounds of jet engines interrupting your peace and quiet will make your holiday less enjoyable.

As you can see, location matters whether you're searching for an apartment to rent or travel accommodation to book. So, when deciding where to stay on your next holiday, take note of the factors above and then compare it with the following hospitality establishments:

Make sure to apply the same idea when choosing package tours. See what Timeless Tours offers, or check out the whale watching cruises organised by Merimbula Marina in Eden.

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