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Traditional Tourist Trails and Routes that Take Holidaymakers Off the Beaten Track

From the City of Bangkok to Australia’s ‘hot’ holiday destinations, there are a myriad of exciting places to visit, and those who choose to put the best of them on their travel itineraries will surely be rewarding with some truly inspirational holiday experiences.

Without a doubt, the world is full of places that will appeal to those of an adventurous persuasion and for those who appreciate wide open spaces and sweeping vistas, visiting stunning Australia is well worth the effort. Of course, being so vast, it’s nigh on impossible for people to see everything that they want to see in one visit, but they’ll be improving their chances of cramming more in if they hire a campervan for the occasion. Enabling holidaymakers to travel under their own steam and plan itineraries as they go, campers and motorhomes are ideal for those who want to explore at their leisure, indeed, discovering Australia in a suitable recreational vehicle is something that an increasing number of people are choosing to do in the modern era.

  • Affordable
  • Comfortable
  • Affording unprecedented freedom and flexibility

Discovering the likes of the Gold Coast in a fully equipped recreational vehicle is an experience that’s not to be forgotten, that’s for sure and as is the case with Bangkok sojourns, such a ‘voyage of discovery’ will provide the kinds of holiday experiences that most of us yearn for.

For those who are prepared to broaden their travel horizons, the rewards can be absolutely immense, indeed, visit the capital cities of Australia and Bangkok and rewards can be found at every turn. A fascinating melting pot of 21st century architecture and old world SE Asian charm, Bangkok is a city that’s quite like no other, indeed, with it’s mix of uber chic apartment buildings and quaint quarters, it’s a city that will always prove itself to be a source of wonderment and it’s definitely a city that will bring out the adventurous spirit in travellers one and all.

Exciting destination can carry people on a tide of pure excitement and one thing’s for sure, if intrepid travellers embark on an Australian self-drive trip, they’ll encounter exciting and memorable times at every conceivable turn. With a rough route in mind, but with no strict itinerary in place, self-drive breaks are ideal for those who value such commodities as freedom and flexibility and if a fully equipped motorhome is included in the mix, well, it’s safe to assume that those Australian self-drive sojourns will be positively perfect in every way imaginable. Those who hire a campervan that’s fully equipped will be doing their cause no end of good, a fact of which there is no doubt and where modern day campers are concerned, it truly is a case of seeing is believing. Helping people to get the most out of their extended excursions, campers that are equipped with a whole host of creature comforts really do help to complete the self-drive picture and they’re great for those who are keen to get off the beaten track. 

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