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Living in a More Eco-friendly Way

As the effects of climate change are becoming more obvious these days, there’s no denying the importance of switching to a fully sustainable lifestyle. However, it can be too much to ask from almost anyone. It is a lot more reasonable when you make one new change every week. You would be surprised at how much that can add up after just a year. To get you started, here are some suggestions worth your consideration:

When building a home…

  • Don’t construct more than what you actually need. This will prevent you from wasting money on heating or cooling unused space. Consult with custom home builders in Perth for a design that will meet present and future needs, especially if you are planning to extend your family or care for elderly relatives later in life.
  • Do maximise energy from the sun. Ideally, your house should have southern exposure for unobstructed solar access from 9AM to 3PM. Make the most of it with materials that can absorb and radiate heat to lower heating costs by 10%. Also, plant trees for some shade and get the best home builders in Perth or Udon Thani to install sky lights for natural lighting.

When renting a unit…

  • Don’t always rely on the provided appliances. It may be more convenient to simply use the refrigerator and other items in your furnished flat. The thing is that they might consume more electricity than you expected and you could end up with sky-high energy bills. Talk to your landlord about how you can bring in your own ENEGY STAR appliances for use.
  • Do switch to compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs). Unless the luxury builders in Perth or Bangkok in-charge of your apartment or condominium already thought of this, you will have to take the initiative to make the switch. Though these bulbs can cost more upfront, they last longer and produce less heat so you get great savings in the long run.

When running a business…

  • Don’t use just any cleaning product or paint. You have to think about indoor air quality, especially when you and your employees spend a lot of time in the office. Many commercial products contain chemicals that have high levels of volatile organic compounds so you should watch what your janitorial crew or hired best builders in Perth or Samut Prakan are using.
  • Do have your staff drive smarter. This is a must when you have your own fleet for deliveries or sales transactions. Schedule seminars with your workers on how they can improve fuel efficiency by changing their existing habits on the road. Stuff as simple as making sure air and oil filters are clean can already help the planet.

There are numerous ways you can lead a more sustainable life regardless of whether you’re working with custom home builders in Perth or making minor improvements in your office building. The tips above are only a few of the measures you could take to achieve that goal. So, start small and be consistent. You should be able to see the many green effects in just one year.

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