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Planning to Leave Uni? Use This Guide to Decide Where You'll Live

If you've just graduated from your degree course or have decided to leave university early, you're probably excited to pack your things and move out of your student accommodation. But where exactly will you go?

There are lots of options available nowadays, so the only thing you should do is to pick one that suits your needs and budget. If you're based in Australia, for example, you can buy one of the relocatable homes offered by a reputable firm in QLD. You can also rent a flat on your own or with your friends, or opt for a shared accommodation and live with other people.

Still not sure what to pick? Don't worry since you can use this guide to make the right decision:

Move back home

This might not be on the top of your list, but you have to realise that this can be a practical move. By moving back home, you won't need to pay rent or deal with a mortgage and you'll get to save a substantial amount of money. You'll also surround yourself with your family, who'll provide you with a strong support network as you transition into young adult life.

But don't just cart your stuff to your old bedroom and settle in; instead, meet with your parents and ask if it's all right with them if you'd move in. If they give you the green light, make sure to contribute to the household budget and do your share of chores. Of course, make it a point to save and/or investment whatever extra money you have; after all, just because you're not paying rent doesn't mean you can go on shopping sprees every payday.

Share a flat with friends

This is a great option if you have a group of pals who are interested in getting their own place. By sharing an apartment with them, you'll get to be independent from your parents and enjoy your own space — without having to pay a fortune. You'll also have the chance to strengthen your friendship with your pals and create lots of wonderful memories along the way.

However, don't just jump in and start looking for a flat with your friends. Instead, sit down first and come up with a few simple rules on cleaning the house, paying the rent and having other pals (or boyfriends and girlfriends) over. Doing this might make you feel awkward, but it will make you have better relationships with your roomies and make living together much easier.

Rent your own apartment

If you have a stable good-paying job and would like to have peace and privacy, then you might want to get your own flat. This way, you won't have to deal with the intricacies of having room mates and you can do pretty much anything you want (as long as it's within the terms of your lease agreement). You'll also experience how it is to live without being dependent on anyone and sharing your space with anybody else.

Don't worry since finding the right flat to rent isn't difficult. For instance, if you're based in Thailand or have decided to live there after uni, you can rent one of the apartments in The River Bangkok. By taking this step, you'll get the chance to live in one of the most beautiful spots in Bangkok, right next to the Chao Phraya River and with lots of world-class restaurants, shopping centres and other establishments nearby.

Buy or build your own home

Many university leavers think that having their own house is something they can't do right away. This can be true (especially if you've just found a job and are still trying to save), but don't close your doors just yet. Who knows? Within a few years, you might be able to come up with a substantial amount of money that will let you buy or construct your own property.

You don't even have to worry about the costs since there are lots of competitively priced options available. If you're based in Brisbane or the Gold Coast, for example, you can get the help of a company who offers relocatable homes in QLD. This firm will provide you with several house plans to pick from or even help you develop your own relocatable property. Once you've chosen a design, they'll then manufacture your home (taking care of council approval along the way) and set it up on site.

Explore these options and choose which one best suits you!

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